FARM SUPPLYMENTS – Seasons Addon v1.0

FARM SUPPLYMENTS - Seasons Addon v1.0

Brings New Articles for the Winter (Seasons) – also standalone usable

With our “FARM SUPPLYMENTS” (AVAILABLE HERE), the modern and realistic farmer brings to the farm a wide range of useful goods and items, which he can purchase via an EXTRA STORE CATEGORY in the merchant menu.

Included in the Seasons addon:
– Arschglatt road salt palette
– Ass Smooth Road Salt Advantage Pack

For the future, we plan to further expand “FARM SUPPLYMENTS” with new versions and additional addons
to deliver more interesting content for you. We are already implementing the first ideas.
Of course, the mod can be used in SINGLE & MULTIPLAYER. The log is clean.
Have fun!
A big THANK YOU to Ifkonator for releasing the AddStoreCategory script.


Barn Brothers / Giants

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