Haulage pack v 1.0

Haulage pack v 1.0

Haulage pack v 1.0

Haulage pack v 1.0

Hulk truck
Man truck
timber runner trailer

What it does:
Gives you much better log Haulage equipment to work with the normal ingame trucks
are like fish out of water flopping side to side.

the Hulk
this truck has alot more weight will pull anything has 3 engine options and runs a top speed
of 113mph.

man truck this truck has 740 hp has more weight the crane is greatly improved change the trailer
hitch so you can pull the dolly behind it and attach the log trailer to it if you so feel inclinded to
do that.

timber runner log trailer
basically just changed the weight of this trailer a high speeds it will skid instead of flip
when paired with the hulk in this pack makes a real nice run to the log yard.

these mods have been tested in singleplayer as well as multiplayer with no errors in the logs

open the pack and place the mods into your FS19 mods folder.


orginal models and Script: Giants
Edits: Greasersnoopy

4.8/5 - (34 votes)

Download mod

File File size
zip FS19_GSM_Haulage_pack_unpack_this 82 MB

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