GAZ-53 Modul Pack v1.0

The pack includes the GAZ-53 modular truck, a two-axle bulk trailer (4,200 liters) and seven modules for the truck:
– a tank for water and milk (5,000 liters).
– fuel tank (4,500 liters).
– universal tank (4000 liters).
– a platform with autoload of bales and pallets and. It may transport of dynamic objects.
– a modul for bulk cargo (4,200 liters) – can refuel seeders.
– a modul for bulk cargo with extended sides (6,500 liters).
– a body for a silage (10 000 liters).
There is a choice of engine, color and design, working light, mirrors and dashboard, UDIM textures. It gets dirty and washed. Clean log.

You need global script aaa_MobileWasherSpecialization by alfalfa6945 activated in mods folder.


Du-mont, TruckerStas, Dufata, Northern_Strike … Edit and FS19: Karl911.

4.8/5 - (46 votes)

Download mod

File File size
zip fs19_GAZ53_Modul_Pack 124 MB
zip aaa_MobileWasherSpecialization 21 KB

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9 Responses

  1. triumphtr7v8 says:

    hello, what map is this?

  2. Fichte says:

    ​Sehr sehr gut gemachter MOD, mit viel liebe…..
    hatten aber gestern in Multiplayer einen absturz beim öffnen des Service Moduls.
    Hatte das schon jemand?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to get the fire truck hose to work. What’s the problem?

  4. AlexSuru says:

    Beutiful mod. One of the best I’ve used up to now. Phisics are good. Love the fire truck !!!

  5. Carlos Trizotto says:

    Esse mod é até legal, mas eu não consegui abastecer as máquinas nem os tratores, eu chego com esse caminhão de combustivel próximo a eles e não aparece opção nenhuma de reabastecer. O que fazer?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Another issue with the universal tank. can you set up the “unload” function so we can switch between fertilizer & herbicide, etc?

  7. Anonymous says:

    hi mate love the mod but cant sell slurry with the universal tank

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