Warn Bumper Attachable Winch v 1.0

Warn Bumper Attachable Winch v 1.0

-will attach to hitch (both trailer and trailer low), wheel loader, telehandler and 5th wheel (side note, it’s not gonna look perfect on ALL hitches, so please don’t complain about it not lining up or “floating” on a particular hitch type…universal not vehicle specific)
-can pickup and move it
-attaches tow hook to the top
-changes mass once attached (so if your vehicle cat walks then I suggest choose another vehicle cause it can’t handle the towing anyways)
-will attach to all trailers in the Iconik Upgrades Hauler pack (might not be out yet, but stay tuned)
-has electrical socket
-color select
-removable cable cover
-strappable (incase you don’t wanna lose your hitch while transporting)
-can have multiple winches in the same game without issue


Exley, the creator of the Tajfun winch and script

Download mod

FileFile size
zip warn_winch37 MB

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8 Responses

  1. CK says:

    Is this available for consoles yet

  2. Anonymous says:

    i carn’t get the atachment

  3. DrackoLee says:

    Missing warning _turnOnLoggingWinch in l10n_hu.xml is still an issue

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have the same problem as drackolee

  5. caleb says:

    its broken fix please

  6. Lomister says:

    i can’t use it…

  7. Anonymous says:

    this winch doesn’t work an i can’t get the hook to install either

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