Hello, I present to you my mod to increase strength in FS19.
This is a mod with which you will be able to lift round bales, larger pieces of wood, to make it easier to play.
WARNING! The mod simulates the real strength of a man, of course, forget about lifting tractors or other heavy machines with a grain of salt.



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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    man with setting tactor with press esc a have strength

  2. Anonymous says:

    IT WORKS!!!!!
    If you don’t know how to install it then read this comment.
    After you install it click “show in file” then move the file to your desktop and in the file explorer open “dokuments” and find the file named “My Games” double click on it and find “Farming Simulator 2019” double click on that file and search for the file named “mods” double click on it and move the file from your desktop to the “mods” folder close the file explorer and now you can run the game and after you want to load a career save make sure to tick the “STRENGH” mod so it’s added to your gameplay (MAKE SURE YOUR GAME IS CLOSED WHILE MOVING THE MOD FILE INTO THE fARMING SIMULATOR 2019 MODS TAB OR OTHER WISE IT WON’T WORK)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I serch it on my farming simulator premium edition I don’t see it

  4. User81b_2i1_n2m1_439k says:

    Fake mod

  5. yuen says:

    what is the name of the mod

  6. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work

  7. Anonymous says:


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