Store Deliveries v 1.0

Store Deliveries v 1.0

Get the store to deliver your purchases for a fee.
-Location is set based on the player’s position.
-A delivery charge of 2.5% per item cost is applied to your purchases when using delivery.
-All deliveries are confirmed by a special sound at the time of purchase.

-Hold “Left Shift” + “Left Alt” to view the marker on the ground which represents the location.
-Hold “Left Shift” + “Left Alt” and press “S” to set the location. (A sound will play and the marker will flash once.)
-Hold “Left Shift” + “Left Alt” and press “R” to reset the location back to default (the store).



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4 Responses

  1. Paul Maritz says:

    Why does this mod not work on the dedicated server of farming simulator and if it does how do I get it to work then because when I create a new game in FS19 in game with all the same mods on that I have on my dedicated server the mod works but it just does not want to on the dedicated server same with the mod animal worker. Can you please help.

  2. Vasu says:

    Kese game start haoli he

  3. Sourabh Alatage says:

    Fs19 store mod download free

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