Simple Edit Graphics Mod v 1.0

Simple Edit Graphics Mod v 1.0

Use Effects List: FXAA , PPFXBloom , Tonemap , Levels , LevelsPlus , Curves , DPX , Clarity ,Vibrance

NOTE 1: The mod download link is single but there are two versions within the descending archive. The first is the version with FXAA (anti-aliasing) effect. I’ve added this version, because the game’s own MSAA (Multi-sampling anti-aliasing) effect reduces the FPS too much. Set MSAA (Multi-sampling anti-aliasing) off from the game settings and use FXAA (Anti-aliasing) to play high FPS games without giving up an Anti-aliasing effect, although not as much as the MSAA (Anti-aliasing) setting. I recommend for low systems. The second version is non-FXAA (anti-aliasing).

NOTE 2: If FXAA (MOD) and MSAA (in Game settings) anti-aliasing are used together, it will cause too much FPS drop. Choose one!

Testing system;
Processor: i7-5820K
Graphics: ASUS GTX 760 ROG Stiker Platinium 4GB
RAM: CORSAIR 16 GB (2×8) 2400 MHz
SSD: Transcend 370S 512 GB

Mode On / Off key: DELETE

I tested the game stably with this system at 60 FPS with the game’s own tools, using the MSAA setting off and the FXAA version mode, in the medium graphics settings.


DarkenB (Baki Uğur Gözaydın)

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