Contractor Mod v1.0.0.8

Contractor Mod v 1.0

This mod enable simulating a defined number of characters you control one by one during a solo game.

By default, 4 characters are available Alex, Barbara, Chris and David.
At first loading of a map, they are located at the Career starting point.
When saving the game, characters location and vehicle is saved so they will be restored when next loading the game.
So you will be able to continue your game exactly as you left it.

Default keys to switch between characters are:
PREVIOUS: Shift + Tab
They can be changed but by default they replaced the standard switch between vehicles since it’s disable.

This mod is compatible with CoursePlay and FollowMe mods.
So, for example, when using FollowMe, one character will be the Leader and another one the Follower.
Characters can be seen on the minimap when activating default category (the last one represented by a house) in the map overview screen.

Name, gender, color, body, hair, accessories and number of characters can be changed in ContractorMod.xml file located in modsSettings directory for new games.
Once a game has been saved, they can be changed in ContractorMod.xml file present in related savegame folder.
ContractorMod.xml file also contains configuration for passengers for mods vehicles.



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6 Responses

  1. bencekovács says:

    naggyon jó

  2. T1ango says:

    What do I do when they spawn in at wall?? i can’t get them out.

  3. Dan says:

    Conflict with Vehicles Explorer Mod, can’t swich contractors with TAB key even changing the binding keys
    Pls Fix THX 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do I utilize the other 4 contractors? To make it 8 or even add more?

  5. Humbe says:

    Very nice mod.. Trying it out now.. I also found conflict with Vehicles Explorer Mod, but with this one I won’t be tab switching vehicles, so I don’t need it anymore anyhow. I just disabled it.

    I use the 3rd person mod though. My son likes to see the character moving about. Would be nice if this worked together with 3rd person mod so it showed the correct person. Currently I always see my original character when enabling 3rd person view.

    My default character kind of disappeared. Made one of the 4 contractors myself, but then I have to figure out what parameters to put to make him look like default character. Would also be nice if default character used looks defined by the game..

    Anyhow.. Great work..

  6. GREGORY says:


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