In keeping with the publication of the new “Bergisch Land” map by Ludimusi and his team, I took the trouble to create a comprehensive AutoDrive course. Simply copy the “AutoDrive_config.xml” file into your desired savegame. This should usually be found in your documents under “Users / Documents / MyGames / FarmingSimulator2019”.
I drove the course with a large tractor Fendt 1000 Vario with wide tires and a large Stara Reboke Ninja 33000 transfer trailer, also with wide tires. I also tested all routes with several medium-sized Fendt 700 Vario tractors with HKD 302 trailer. I used the latest version of Autodrive. I set 3.00 m for the collision setting.
A few personal words and comments
To get right to the point: We all love the new Bergisch Land with its beautiful landscape, the many small dirt roads and the many details. Therefore, the map is only partially designed for AutoDrive. Almost all paths (with the exception of the two main roads) are only single-lane and can therefore be used on both sides. Many country lanes and entrances are surrounded by wicker fences, so it can get very narrow at times. Nevertheless, all field and forest paths should also be passable with larger tractors, I have laid them out very carefully.
If someone wants to drive the largest machines or trucks on this map, this course may be more of a hindrance than helpful.
Hence my appeal: think carefully about whether you want to or can use this AutoDrive course.

Important instructions:
The drive to the fields are marked with destinations, you will mostly have to drive into the fields themselves. That’s just the pros and cons of such a detailed map with lots of fences and collisions.
This is a basic version. In future versions, circular courses are also planned for all fields.
Only the numbered fields are connected to way destinations.
There are no thoroughfares through the courtyards, as otherwise all drivers will often take the shortest route through the courtyards, which is not realistic. But everyone can of course adapt their routes themselves.
The dealers are not (yet) connected to the existing loading and unloading triggers, but only to the entrances, as most of the dealers’ entrance gates have to be opened manually. This may be foreseen in a future version.
All destinations are sorted into useful folders.

As I said, I had a lot of work with the routes, but this is nothing compared to the time spent by our map maker Ludimusi with his entire team and the fashion designer from AutoDrive Stephan-S also with his team. Therefore, I would like to thank both and everyone else involved, without whom this course would not have been possible and necessary.
I did not test the courses with the various downhill techniques. Therefore, I depend on your constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. Just let me know where you think problems might arise. Maybe I will clean them up as long as I think it makes sense. I’m also looking forward to ideas for future versions. And now I wish you a lot of fun with this course.



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