AutoDrive courses for Durango map by Turborunner

AutoDrive courses for Durango map by Turborunner

Here is big portion of road network and sell point Autodrive routes for Durango map. You can go from any field(except those missing ones) to any field and most silos and sellpoints. Fields 1,2 and 3 missing as I’ve been using those in my savegame for other means. BGAs, Lumber Dumps and Bakery(not drive-thru) missing since those are better to do with Courseplay.

And for Railsilos I suggest using tractor and trailer instead of trucks as those silos have steep incline and truck tend to understeer into wall.

And route to Field 32 goes through placeables area so it might not work if you have lot of placeables in that area.

This was very time consuming work and lots and lots of connecting nodes. There shouldnt be any disconnected nodes but you can easily connect them yourself.

This is not supposed to be complete but something you can continue on expanding.


J. S. Stömbach

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