Doors come from Markus (Rhineland Palatinate team), his farmhouse in the Aubrac region, and I have also converted these into windows. Thanks to Markus for the permission to use it in my house.
The uaz in the house comes from xphillx (Modhoster LS 2011)
The MAZ Forst comes from Jekyll (Modhoster LS 2015)
The mini comes from Foxlivon (Modhoster LS 2011)
The stove comes from the port of Mole63 (Modhoster LS17)
I don’t have more credits, should someone find himself in the property and not be mentioned here, please write to me, I will then add it. thank you

A residential building, built mainly from internal game objects with openable windows and doors, accessible.
I am currently building a new farmyard, the first object I have built is a farmhouse. Mainly from things that I took from the two standard cards of the LS19. A shelter and this farmhouse are already finished, both in the same style. You can sleep in the house itself. All rooms have light and all windows and doors can be opened.

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