Silo Organic Product By BOB51160 v 1.0

Silo Organic Product By BOB51160 v 1.0

HELLO to all and all, Today I present you the Silo Organic Product.CAPACITY: 500000000.You can store around 50 different fruits


BOB51160 / MAX51160 / MoriceSpencer

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  1. Crash & Yoshi says:

    This worked fantastic and was honestly one of our favorite mods….then the Alpine DLC came out. Not sure what happened but here’s the scoop…Any seeder that fertilizes at the same time AND has a single opening (example: Pronto 9DC) will only fill with seeds. The silo no longer fills it will fertilizer. Then grab a double opening seeder, say the Stara Ceres Master 3570 and it fills just fine since there are two separate doors opening for each fill. We tested this on multiple maps with the same result (as we wondered if it was the new Alpine DLC map causing the issue). Hope to see this fixed soon as it will remain in our map but now we have to fill our seeder with fertilizer bags like cavemen šŸ™‚

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