Sheep stable 2000 v 1.3

Sheep stable 2000 v 1.3

Schafstall 2000 – without animal limit – without pollution – 2 design variants

TierLimit was canceled by script (up to at least 5000 sheep possible)
the contamination of the feeding trough has been switched off

the TWO new stables based on the standard GIANTS “sheepfold big” got new textures and many accessories:

Variation # 1 has a DEKO forklift
Variation # 2 has a MotoBike and other arrangement of decorations
Lighting (day / night)
Paved Pallet Spawner for 18 wool pallets
many other decorations + plants …

The reason for the 2 different design variants is this: we always place 2 sheepsties next to each other. That would not look really good if both sheepfolds had a deco forklift …
At the moment the number of animals is set to 2048, but can easily be increased to 5000.
PRICE: Variation # 1 LS € 92.906, – (with forklift) – Variation # 2 LS € 90.905, – (with MotoBike) –
Multiplayer: YES – LOG = errorfree


Modell: GIANTS
Textur: SmlehliW
Script: GIANTS derSchreiner
Idee / Konzept: SmlehliW
Tester: OnkelBob, Joachim, Holger, Inignial86

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