Sell Point v 1.5.150

Sell Point v 1.0.150

Place of sale placeable

Here can be sold:
wheat barley rape sunflower soybean maize potato sugarbeet manure
fertilizer Seed Feed FeedMix Chaff Woodchips Silage Straw PigFeed
grass hay liquid fertilizer milk digestate slurry manure fuel wool treeseedlings
compost rye oat hops onion carrot triticale lettuce HMilch bread
beer sand seeds2 lime cane dung grass hay liquid fertilizer milk digestate
manure fuel wool tree seedlings composit rye oat onion carrot
Version *. *. 0:
Normal version
Version *. *. 150
Prices average 150% of the normal price
Log is error free


Modell: Giants/Sas1325
Script: Sas1325

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zip SellPoint150 86 MB

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5 Responses

  1. Evilbozo says:

    can you make this with normal prices for MP maps

  2. Kenneth Stauder says:

    Im looking for a newer version sell point for MultiFruit, good luck

  3. joe says:

    needs update, when unloading during sell it is stuttery after platnium update.

  4. Anonymous says:

    does this one still give you money if there is no sugar beet sell point on a map?

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