This is a custom silo system sellpoint from the Middle America USA map… modeled after a real facility in Princeton, Missouri. The real facility is located alongside the railroad tracks, with a side track running through the granary, in between the row of smaller GSI bins, and the dryers/grain legs. This sellpoint has the typical tipper dump point in the same location as the real facility, under the overhead bins (which are scenic only in this mod) and you back the trailer in to tip. There is a smaller, train dump point where the real one is, near the end of the row of smaller GSI bins, which functions as the in-game train silos do, to accept grains for sale from trains.

This sell point silo system accepts all the default game grains: wheat, barley, oat, canola, corn, soybean and sunflower… since grain silo systems IRL do not accept cotton or root crops like sugarbeets and potatoes for sale, this one does NOT accept those either.


Giants – concepts and triggers
ccs101 – configuration and texture fixes
LWM – overhead bin models
Rand0mSprks – grain leg model

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