HoT Greenhouses
in the pack:

Strawberry greenhouse
Raspberry greenhouse
Salad greenhouse
Tomato greenhouse
Cauliflower greenhouse

Cabbage greenhouse
as well as a sales booth.

The greenhouses need:

In addition to the above product, all waste (chopped material) is generated.
The pallets must be outsourced via the menu …



Download mod

File File size
zip HoT_GreenHouses 43 MB

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13 Responses

  1. Daani says:

    ein schöner mod…schön währe es wenn das script erkennt wenn man unter die Häcksler ausgabe nen anhänger stehen hatt und das häckselgut in den anhänger fällt…momentan wird ein anhänger ignoriert und das häckselgut fällt durch den anhänger auf den boden…vielleicht kann dies bei einem uodate gefixt werden…ansonsten ein toller mod

  2. Anonymous says:

    It won’t accept seeds. I assume I am putting them in the right place (in the box with the opening lid next to the manure bin)?

    • Anonymous says:

      Same problem !

      “He will not accept seeds. I guess I put them in the right place (in the box with the opening lid next to the manure bin)?”

  3. zoé says:

    ne fonctionne pas n’accepte pas les graines

  4. IDK says:

    It won’t accept seeds or water…..

  5. binko says:

    where I buy seeds?

  6. Aljaž says:

    klikneš na p in greš na seme in klikneš BAY in klikoješ koliko rabiš

  7. PocongGaming says:

    tq info

  8. julio says:

    I have 2 problems with the mod. When i place the sell point, the game stuck. The other problem is that I cannot generate the pallets. I see them, but I can’t generate them like in the other GC mods. I’m using the last version of GC, the Ravensberg map and Season mod ON. I appreciate the help

  9. Ted says:

    Same problem as Julio. Greenhouses are working and the menu shows about 23000 raspberries but no pallets. Any help appreciated.

  10. Kunami says:

    For me it worked on 1.0.3 with original seeds and to spawn the pallet I had to select the fruit I was growing (Tomato) and select ‘Add +’

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