Buy LiquidManure from Pigfarm v 1.1

Buy LiquidManure from Pigfarm v 1.0

Buy LiquidManure from Pigfarm v 1.0

Buy LiquidManure from Pigfarm v 1.0

As there is no function by default to buy manure at the beginning of my career, I made a manure sale here.
It is based on a fictitious pig farm. The local owner sells you manure for a small price. You just have to place the pig farm on the map, and then you can buy manure there. Logically, the fattening operation itself does not cost anything and accordingly does not cause any ongoing operating costs.
Why a pig farm? Well I like it detailed and practical. a simple placeable manure pit would of course have been possible, but looks boring in my opinion 🙂
I recommend the Placeanywhere Mod! By means of the Landscaping tool from the patch 1.2 you can then integrate the manure sales still nice in the respective map.


Modell: Giants / Acert
Idee / Konzept: Acert (Phönix Modding)

2.1/5 - (18 votes)

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