Whispering Pines update v 1.1

Whispering Pines update v 1.1

fixed: porting into buildings
leaky bunker walls (outside walls)
readout for farm silo’s

Something for those that like a little bit of flatland with some elbow room. there are 5 fuel stops, one in center of map in town, one on farm, one at sawmill, one on each side near the train silo’s, which btw are made from things i found lying around, as is the manure storage near the pigpen, wet and dry manure sale at small farm to the north.
can buy wet and dry at animal buy and sell area to the east, sale of eggs and milk at resturant, supermarket, milk at
dairy,sales of other things at warehouse and mills. there are seed and fertilizer silo’s on farm, lime at shop.
water at the pond on farm, just drive in, water tank at sawmill, bale and straw sales to the south, plenty of
flat land for placeables.


Giants Software, brownthumb

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  1. andy the farmer says:

    love the map except for one thing could make all the buildings sellable i like using my own then it feels like my farm if you dont then i choose not to play it because its yours not my own thanks so much please fix

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