Welcome to West End! ( READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD!)
This is an extremly large 64x map. The size is 16km x 16km.
Long roads, large and extra large fields, 2 huge forests, more than 50 productions, farms, rail networks and everything what you need. This map realy keeps you busy.
The map compatible with Seasons, Straw Harvest, StrawMe, MaizePlus, MaizePlus CCM and Sugar Beet Harvest. You can use all of these mods together.
Not compatible with Courseplay because of the field sizes. Only can make courses on the smaller and middle size fields, on the large and extra large fields it doesn’t work. Must to turn off CP field scan, if you leave it on the game freezes for 15-30 minutes when you buy field 7 (which is 15km long) and at every game start.
The helpers are working perfect on the map, I can suggest Admin Helper mod, can hire up to 20 helpers.
After download need to unzip the file and copy all the 6 files into your mods folder. This map is huge, you need a decent pc and gpu to enjoy. I suggest to empty your mods folder for the first time and add only later the error free mods. The map is 100% error free, has been tested 6 months long. There are some mods don’t work and make errors (ie: Ai vehicle extension).



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9 Responses

  1. Atze says:

    Ja hay ich muss sagen die Karte von dir ist sehr gut! Aber es gibt ein Problem man kann keine Anderen Objekte installieren was fehlt sind Verkaufsobjekte und beim Neustart sind die Tiere aus der Stallung einfach weg.
    Wenn es eine Aktualisierung für die Karte gibt würden sich viele freuen.

  2. LU:GS Schorp81 says:

    Moin Habe die selben Probleme wie Atze bitte um Antwort

  3. Anonymous says:

    the map looks great. and would love to play it. it has a problem with the animals. load map first time and animals are where they should be. safe and load map again, and animals are gone. no mods installed. not even the dlc’s. levis… please fix this. also, make it possible the put placeables on the map. or even use our own mods.
    that is what makes farm sim… so we can use our own mods. or mods we use on all the maps we play.

  4. petroleumpete says:

    the map has problems with mods and animals. load map first time with no mods. and no DLC’s. no problems. save and load again. animals are gone. use of placeables or mods is not possible. most mods cause problems on this map. I use basic mods on all maps I play. never problems with that. for some reason, this map does not take any mods. or most mods will not work. to bad. I love these big maps. big multifruit maps are hard to find.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Die Map ist gut. Nur jedes Mal bei Map start die werbung zum Kotzen.

  6. Sickylord says:

    Schöne map. Nur nerft es das jedes mal die werbung von den ersteller auftauch. 5 min lang nichts machen. das nerft sehr.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am a user who plays in Korea. I don’t like big maps but it’s the biggest map I’ve ever seen so I played with curiosity. The map is very large and has a good structure, but the disadvantage is that buildings cannot be installed at will. There is also an error in which all the animals they raise disappear when they are saved and reloaded. It is a map that has both advantages and disadvantages. I hope the developer will look at this article and make up for the shortcomings.

  8. Dennis Carrier says:

    Thanks to this large group of modders for all their hard work on this incredible map. Unfortunately it is full of bugs and crashes. I hope you fix it, I love this map. I can’t list all the bugs here after two tests of some length. Like after putting over 100 hours in it and removing all the trees from the town. Both times when it crashed completely the game save was automatically deleted. I went to load after the crash and it was gone. Deleted itself twice. Pig food won’t load, Holstein cows won’t produce milk, neither cows or pigs will reproduce. And limited to six helpers. The latter being the big flaw. I tried to load a mod to add more workers but couldn’t get it to work. It can take 3 workers 15 hours of game play just to plant one medium field in the game. And there are larger ones. When fields are this big it requires more than 6 helpers to make it meaningful because you can end up putting them all on one field when they are needed elsewhere. Before the crash I had four workers trying to plant Field 12 and it was taking forever to get finished. I had like 10 hours in it and it wasn’t done. If you can stop this self-deleting thing and add more workers I’ll come back to this map. I don’t want to give up on it. I wanted to sell meat! Beef-it’s what’s for dinner.

  9. STARS GAMING says:

    Sales points i.e. Selling Station, McDonalds and Restaurant are gone after I save and restart the map 🙁

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