Weastbridge Hills v 1.2.1 fix

Weastbridge Hills v 1.0

Weastbridge Hills v 1.0

Weastbridge Hills v 1.0

Weastbridge Hills v 1.0

This is a large scale new version of the Westbridge Hills map from FS15. This is my first map and I am only releasing this for feedback. It is not complete and may have bugs. Please let me know what you find and also any thing that could be changed. As i am still building I have not included credits yet, so know that there are mods being used from others. To install you must unzip the main and copy all of the contents into you mod folder. If you have them installed already you can just skip those files.


stf_modding, kenny2801, DR Modding,Mod-Creator, dondiego, DonPaul75, t0xic0m / Converted by JBH, acert, cjwilksy, Dogface, Kastor, ewmodding, Giants and PM-Modding, Hasco, Big C, CSA Modding, T-Rexmodding, vFAITHv

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zip FS19_eastbridgeHills693 MB

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  1. Anonymous says:

    sell point at grain mill inside building you cannot access

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