Welcome to Wanganella, 2710.
This map is based aroung the Wanganella area in southern NSW, Australia.
The area mainly is Livestocck, with a rich heritage on Merino Sheep, dating back to the 1850’s
The map has 4 main Stations(farms), and a small starting homestead.
There has been some good start gear also added.

Specail thanks to Ben from TJ&BK Modding, and Shane from Cazz64, Taylor Made Maps.
Its 99% done, but cold do with more, so i recommend you drop a hay sell point, and a extra sell point at either Elders or Grain Corp for the other diffeent crop fruits.


Map built by OldMate Gaming
TJ & BK Modding
Cazz64, & Taylor Made Maps

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3 Responses

  1. hugh says:

    my log is saying that the map has an incorrect name and that the start of the name must not start with a digit

  2. Anonymous says:

    how do you cut down trees.

  3. Jason says:

    Hey mate map looks great how ever I’ve been having trouble with trying to drive the vehicles i can walk around but that is it i have the us simplified session’s when I’m in the vehicles my speedo is gone i can’t move the camera around on third person i have no steering when im on first person.

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