VLADLAND is a place where size and quantity are the top priority. The size is outnumbering a standard map 16 times. The shapes of fields are friendly for the employees. The size of areas vary from 50 hectares to over 1000 hectares. The season mode is supported too. The map includes standard crops and animals.
So if you’re dreaming about the massive farm, here you go!

Maps is based on Peasantville 3 xxxxl16



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6 Responses

  1. Josué says:

    Criador desse mapa podia passar esse mapa para farming 22 fica ai a dica

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the idea of the map, But can anyone help me with the BGA ? I can’t get it to work….

  3. Josue says:

    Faltou ter as opções de missão pra gente fazer mas o mapa é tope más pode melhorar mais pra ficar tope

  4. Anonymous says:

    Numbers on fields will be nice…

  5. fishfarmer says:

    This map Is huge! I love it! Better bring the tractor with the most power, the widest equipment and buy it all in multiples. Get set to hire workers like crazy!

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