Welcome to The Wild,

On this map your skills to survive will be challenged as there is only the bear necessaties and you start with only one piece of ground in Farm Manager, you also have to start from scratch no vehicles, just the clothes on your body and a few bucks in the bank..

You will need to plough your own fields, build everything you need and rough it untill you can build a home, water and land is what you have and with great skill and determination you could tame The Wild, or will it tame you… I guess time will tell..

The map is seasons ready and has multifruit, so farm like crazy and beware of the Grizzleys 🙂


Thanks to Giants for the game and also Yazu for a blank map

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    super map, but it doesn’t save the game

  2. Lui says:

    I couldn’t open the map with seasons:
    “Seasons konnte nicht auf der ausgewählten Karte geladen werden: Die Karte ist nicht kompatibel mit Seasons. (Es liegen zu viele Früchte auf dem Boden)”
    ~ Seasons couldn’t be loaded on the choosen map. The map isn’t compatible with Seasons. (There are too many fruits laying on the ground)

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