The Pacific Northwest 19 v 1.1

The Pacific Northwest 19 v 1.0

Welcome to The Pacific Northwest 19. This is a fictitious map loosely based around the Lewiston, Idaho and eastern Washington area where the Snake and Clearwater rivers meet. At the rivers there is a plateau that is high above, accessed by a winding mountain road. The plateau has small to medium sized fields, where the valley fields are much larger and relatively flat and open. The terrain on the plateau can be a little challenging. A little extra horsepower or the use of the train can be very useful. The map is based upon the FS17 version. It is similar in many ways but also quite different.

This map includes the following:
– Standard FS19 features
– 35 fields, 3 are small fields of grass. Fields range from .45 to 20.7 ha, Many fields can easily be joined together to make bigger fields.
– 5 sell points, the two on the plateau allow for train and trailer sells, the train can be your friend. Plus a sawmill, spinnery, dairy, garden center and large BGA.
– An old growth pine forest and tree farm for plenty of logging fun
– There are several fields that have wooded pine areas, so you can make a little extra money on the side, or just clear the area and expand you field
– Barbed wire fence posts with a white stripe on top can be cut with a chain saw and this will remove a few sections of the fence. A red arrow on top of the post shows the direction of removal.
– Poplar woodchip bales can be sold at the sawmill or Agro Wholesalers.
– Manure, slurry, digestate and wool can be sold at the garden center.
– The plateau is pretty hilly so there are a few areas other than the placeable areas that are relativly flat for placables
– A train system that goes from the silo on the plateau to the river port silo and back up. The train is very handy for moving products from the lower area to the plateau silo and sell points
– Two large placeable areas for when the production mods come out or if you want to use them for anthing else you wish
– Water and lime stations are located in a few places around the map.
– All land can be purchased on the map. There is zero cost for the border, river and cliff areas.
– Watch out for traffic. Vehicles will slow down when making turns at intersections. Otherwise they will travel a little faster than normal.



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8 Responses

  1. Big Papa C says:

    So far this map is excellent. I can find no lag. It looks very crisp.

  2. BullFarmer says:

    Amazing map, Thank you.
    My computer is average specs but this map runs really smooth even though it has plenty of features.
    Really nice range of fields to suit all different types of farming and different sized machines.

    It could be cool if the lower part of the map had some gentle hills as well, but that is about the only suggestion I could think of to improve it.

  3. Big Papa C says:

    EVERYBODY!!!!! You need to try this map. The way it is designed, it seems larger than what it is. I added a bridge down south on the map to better accommodate the moving of very large tractors and other equipment such as my Fendt Trisix and etc. I replaced the farm house from on the plateau and put in Big Villa on the placeable area near the BGA. So far no matter what I add or move around has had any negative effect on this map. Epideath you are good. You are very goooood. I mainly use the upper plateau to do missions on fields. I took over all the lower fields. I love the Carrier Plane flying over. It shows very excellent far far off in the distance. I can not say enough, this is a GREAT MAP. I so wish Giant would fix the engine for the cows freezing up. This is a very good map.

  4. Young says:

    How can I tell if I’m going to get the 100 missions trophy ??

  5. Spyke says:

    The clouds are so pixalted on this map. 🙁

  6. Ron Smith says:

    I agree with papa c i do the same and would be nice to move wood chips via the train

  7. Anonimo says:

    Juego en este mapa en ps4 y me fallo los otros días se me ha perdido todo lo que tenía construido y los puntos de venta han desaparecido y no me sale los precios de las cosas a ver si lo pueden arreglar

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