Suedhemmern MultiFruit v 1.5

Suedhemmern Map v 1.1

Suedhemmern Map v 1.1

Suedhemmern Map v 1.1

Suedhemmern Map v 1.1

Suedhemmern Map v 1.1

V 1.5.0: With the activation of Modhoster, cabbage, red cabbage, rye and spelled are available as further types of fruit. For the cabbage varieties a harvesting pack (Grimme Varitron-Light) is enclosed. A full version with color choice (so you can distinguish the harvester) and larger volume.

The triggers on the seed and the fertilizer have been separated so that the seeders can now easily be filled with both.

The reset point for the vehicles is disconnected from the dealer and is now in the yard. When buying still at the dealer.

There is a BaleMaster that makes loose goods from bales (straw, hay, grass) that can be removed at the pipe.

The camps have been expanded to include the new fruits, see caption.

There are new outlets at the flour mill, at the LEDLI and Feinkost AG.

The pallet spreader at the sheep was enlarged, it can now stand 8 pallets.

In addition, the decoration was complemented, the barbed wire fences reduced, bushes inserted and minor bugs eliminated.

A new game must be started. Description for the rescue of the stock is below. I have attached a text file describing the items that need to be inserted or exchanged (it takes some experience).



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5 Responses

  1. jason says:

    can u make it where we can drive through liht pols they r anyoing when harvesting

  2. Anonymous says:

    как можно вылаживать карту и не выложить вид самой карты сверху?

  3. Mike says:

    I only noticed one problem which is trying to dump my hay. It isn’t working at all. My tractor just drives right through the area with no trigger.

  4. Kronn says:

    Nice map, but I don’t see any point of sale on the map, nor does it appear in the Point of Sale window…. help.

  5. Polos91 says:

    Why the vehicles still available when i start from scratch?

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