Southern Parish is a fictional map but based off a rural area in south Louisiana. This is a 4x map with over (0000) acres of arable land and a range of different field sizes to suit may play styles.
-Southern Parish tries to capture the southern style of farming with a custom Geo built into the map & seasons mask for player who choose to play with Seasons, you will have extremely hot summers, mild winters, and plenty of rain at times.
-Southern Parish does support the Precision Farming DLC with a custom soil map.
This map also brings 2 extra crops for your arable lands.
-Alfalfa which has its own bale types and is set up to be used as a replacement for hay.
-The second crop is Rice, which comes with custom textures.
All base game animal types are supported within the map. There are 2 custom cow farms 1 that includes horses, 1 sheep meadow, 1 pig farm, & 1 horse farm, all which are prebuilt into the map. There are 5 separate farms with their own silo systems, and plenty other areas throughout the map for expansion.
Southern Parish has 6 separate sell points, which cover everything from cereal crops, root crops, sugarcane, animals, chaff, liquid manure, milk to lumber.

Special thanks goes out to Jesse Pippin and Peter Dietz for their help with the map and a thanks to all the mod/content creators that keep this game fun. I take no credit for content you see in the map. I have only created a few new items the rest was created by the FS19 community, I just put their art into my idea and vision.


CL Mapping

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    GTA v

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    In my eyes this is one of the best maps of the year it is roomy beautiful farms or you can build your own i had a really hard time choosing a farm for my start thanks CL Mapping it was definately worth the wait cant wait to see what other plans you havee for this map and i hope you bring it to 22 HIGHLY Reccommended you wont regret trying it

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