SandyBay 19 v 2.0

SandyBay 19 v 2.0

SandyBay 19 v 2.0

SandyBay 19 v 2.0

SandyBay19 for Farming simulator 19

Initial port for FS19
Two farms
Purchasable land




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FileFile size
zip FS19_SandyBay489 MB

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5 Responses

  1. todd says:

    can somebody please make this? STUMP GRINDER RABAUD XYLOR. The quick removal of nuisance trees make life a lot more pleasant than another sound mod or color scheme for a tractor, or whatever. I know some of you guys out there really know your stuff and can transfer this from FS 17 to 19 no problem and quickly. I’ll even pay for it. It’s one of the few mods I care about at all. Thanks

  2. mike says:

    OD, you have always done an awesome job, but could you delete your farms on the next map that you convert. i hope thats the new trend in maps. Let us build own on farms please!!!!

  3. mike says:

    the roller mod that leaves dif textures is another good one, it would be nice to have a gravel drive to my house instead of dirt.

  4. Victor says:

    Will it be on consles sandy bay 19

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