I present to you a map of my authorship called Sandomierskie vicinity. The map is modeled on 3 real towns from around Sandomierz where I had the pleasure to grow up. Prices of areas on the map have been lowered and some products such as egg milk or cotton have been raised to improve the game’s balance. An interesting fact is that field No. 118 is worth 1 million, it’s for those who need a little more cash to start. Just sell them to improve your budget.

The map contains:
5 farms
Store buying / selling machines
Animal buying / selling point
The biogas plant
3 crop purchases
6 gas stations
3 points for buying lime
3 egg shells
2 buying points for wool / cotton
Bale purchase point
2 sawdust collection points
153 fields
190 areas including meadows and forests
Homesteads and placable silos
Traffic and walking
Gates opened for the mouse
Automatic lighting after dark.



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Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_Sandomierskie_okolice538 MB

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3 Responses

  1. TAK says:

    kto od adama auuuuuu

  2. orm1903 says:

    why i cant plant trees, i cat all forest and still tell me to many trees, need cat some, error map

  3. orm1903 says:

    Dragon X, dlaczego nie mozna sadic drzew

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