Ricciville v 1.3

Ricciville v 1.0

WARNING 1: You must start a new save game

WARNING 2: If playing with seasons, you MUST use the custom Seasons Mod included in the zip file, the in-game seasons mod will crash the game.

WARNING 3: All future updates and placeable factories will be released on the closed facebook page only and not on any modding sites.

I present you with the map FS19 Ricciville.

Map was built to honor the Ricci Family. My maternal grandparents had 16 children. Yes my mom is one of 16 children, the family reunions were awesome. Lets honor: Grandfather Samuel, Grandmother Lucia, Uncles: Angelo, Tony, Sammy, Donald, Johnny, Jimmy, Pete, Lou, Bobby, Mom: Elenore, Aunts: Rosie, Lucy, Antonette, Louise, Mary, Jean.

4X map built on the blank base provided by Dajnet Mods ( Pleasant Valley Maps). Thanks to Dave and his map class videos.

Map contains the following: 2 trains; 1 barge; 59 fields; 2 BGA’s; 3 forests: 16 custom sell points: 21 water fill triggers; 133 farmlands to purchase; working traffic and pedestrians; Standard fruits plus Sorghum, Millet, Rice, hemp, Coffee, Cranberry, Hops, Carrot, Onion, poppy, Mustard, Peanut, Rye, and Clover.; Product to mine containing a few hundred million liters each of the following material: Stone, Coal, Salt, Silt, Gravel, Ore, and Sand.

Custom transport missions.

Map is built to use the placeables and factories as Dave with dajnet creates and releases them.



Download mod [ShareMods]

Download mod

FileFile size
zip required mods_unzipme200 MB
zip v1_3_map_seasons_unzipFirst1 GB

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19 Responses

  1. Daryl Evans says:

    I have downloaded Ricciville v 1.1 but it wont install to FS 19 ,what do i have to do to install

  2. david biloute says:

    bonjour, y’aura t’il des fabriques sur cette maps?

  3. roger says:

    impossible de prendre du gravier ou du sable etc.

  4. fabio says:

    hi I tried this map in multy but the trains and the ship are not there, so I can’t unload the collected material

  5. John says:

    Hello Mister , map is great but now i can not bet trees . On the map..

  6. Tomcat says:

    love the wide variety crops. i can’t figure out how to enter and unload at Johnny & Pete’s ports

  7. Joakim says:

    On multiplayer, we can not tab through trains and such. we can run up to the train and enter with E. But the boats does not function this way. They are very similiar to trains but with a different skin. but i can’t seem to get in to the boat in multiplayer. tabbing is nonexistant and there is no setting to allow train tabbing on the admin menu. anyone had any luck using the boat on multiplayer. was going to sell some stuff at johhnys port. but i couldn’t as it requires a boat to unload. and the boat just goes round round. I have tried jumping on to it and spamming E. but it won’t let me enter.

    • Nathan says:

      Am having problems online now as seeing no trains going round and cannot tab to them either

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably here a bit late for this, but we’re experiencing the same problem. Really a downfall of the map as nearly half of the sell points are designed for the ship. Still playable… (if you want to settle for selling your crops at 65%-75% of their potential profit)

  8. panda says:

    mapa 1.3 w porównaniu do 1.2 to dno 🙁

  9. Severijn says:

    any idea if the barge works again?

  10. Fp says:

    It is An amazing map, but the pay out for salt is extremely high. 33k salt, sold for 625k…

  11. farmerdrew87 says:

    When we have seasons in can we use the salt on the roads in winter to melt snow ?

  12. Nathan says:

    Fantastic map!! Can i ask where i need to look for any updates please??

  13. Joe says:

    I like the map but I am unable to cut grass the mower runs but will not cut the grass playing it in multiplayer. I f there is a fix for it please let me know thanks…

  14. pecio says:

    mappa bella vorrei sapere come velocizare goioco e perchè non cè appassimento piante

  15. oldman102 says:

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/891327444568522/ this version of the map is obsolete, need to join the facebook group to get the latest version of the map and mods

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