Project Niedersachsen Vierfachmap v2.5.1

Project Niedersachsen Vierfachmap v1.0

Welcome to the LS19 Project NDS (Lower Saxony) Version 2.5.1
This is a quad map that is also Sesonstauglich and for a great multiplayer experience is well there. It offers 137 arable land, 30 meadows, 4 forest areas, 22 sales points, grass missions, new fruits such as alfalfa and rye, etc., very generous open space for the farms and contractors! And visually she also has something to offer. For suggestions or criticism, I am happy to assist you.
What has happened so far: really zero mistakes, no really no more!
The second BGA rebuilt a bit!
The footprint of the dealer Optimized.
On the buyable courtyards the snowmask is removed as there are not so many buildings with snowmask to place (but will change soon)!
A much nicer and better PDA MA
At e.g. Trees that may hang in the air please send me the coordinates!


Flo0815 ( 0815 Gaming ) = Bau der Map
Chris ( Bauer Horst ) , Danke für die Freigabe der Windkraftanlagen!!!
Ralf ( RCW – Gaming ) , Danke für die Unterstützung beim beseitigen der Fehler und am verbessern der PDA

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zip LS19_Project_NDS991 MB

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  1. Tukker 65 says:

    Hello. I have a good impression about this map. Nice video. We wil play / test this map and let you know what we think about it.

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