Porta Westfalica v2.5

The map recreates the surroundings of the Porta Westfalica rudn around the Wiehengebirge and the Weserbergland. In addition to the district town of Minden, there are the villages Hahlen, Häverstedt, Barkhausen, Bergkirchen and local mountains.

Your farm is located on the edge of the Wiehengebirge, the chickens, pigs and sheep are located directly on the farm, the horse farm is outsourced a bit away from the main courtyard. At the farm silos for cereals, fruits, chopped straw, silage, straw, hay, grass and all kinds of fruit are harvested, which can be harvested on the map.

There is a purchase station for seeds and a fertilizer / lime / pesticide directly at the farm. At both stations, the purchase price is much cheaper than at the dealer. There is a water trigger to fill the water trailers (water from the own well is free) and there is a water store to drain a trailer that still has some residual water in it to transport another good, eg milk. One can do in the LS 19 no more emptying more.

On fruit varieties there are all standard fruits and as additional fruits onions, carrots, white cabbage, red cabbage, hops, rye, spelled and tobacco. For everything are stock available. Field 1 is equipped as a hop field with rods and wires.

There are electric cutterbar shelves for space-saving storage of the cutting units. The shelves for the small reapers from the Holmer sink into the ground.

There is a ferry crossing the Weser, which is designed as animatedObject. The transverse grooves are necessary because otherwise the vehicle is not “taken”. You should go on the ferry, get out of the running vehicle, press the left mouse button, (then the ferry departs) and immediately get back into the vehicle. Then you are also taken and man can possibly with a little gas to ensure that the vehicle remains on the ferry and not thrown off. If the ferry is on the wrong side, you can pick up the boat at the quay with the mouse button.

There are 4 pet dealers, one for each species, look around, there are signs. There are two shopping malls where you can buy all the fruits if they are missing in the warehouse, but be careful, the prices are salted.

There are 2 BGA installed, a small under the TV tower and a large on the canal with 3 bunkers each 90,000 L and huge transit silos for silage production. The walls have to be so thick because the block sizes of a 4-fold card are much larger and otherwise the shredded material trickles through the walls. This can still happen with the small BGA, which I could not change for reasons of space.

There are 88 fields of different sizes defined, the total area is about 1000 HA, next to 3 meadows are fenced, these can be harvested, without having to worry about further (no fertilizing, grooming, etc.), the yield is still extremely high, disadvantage you can not use a helper but mow the grass yourself. There are also various forest areas for all friends of Holzwitschaft.
Most fields are available in blocks of two, there is often great potential for the self-enlargement of the fields available.

The starting fleet is quite impressive, as the fields are pretty big and the tracks far, I thought, I offer you something.

The transport missions are installed, where I have increased the yield significantly, so it’s fun to drive them. You can explore the map in this way very well to find your way around later. You also get money for it.


Ich danke allen Moddern, deren Gebäude/Objekte ich verwendet habe. Aufgrund der Anzahl und der Tatsache, dass diese schon aus alten Versionen des Spiels stammen, kann diese nicht alle namentlich benennen. Sollte jemand sein Werk finden und in den Credits genannte werden wollen, bitte ich um kurze Nachricht, dann wird dies sofort erledigt.

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11 Responses

  1. Tukker 65 says:

    Great map. Liked it in FS17 and will play yhe map in LS 19. There are some thinks you have to look over. Doors ect.

  2. brk says:

    Found a bug on the map where headers are located at the start of the game – https://steamcommunity.com/id/burkeliino/screenshot/788605776627321304

  3. Anonymous says:

    How cultive the cherry?

  4. Anonymous says:

    good morning,
      I downloaded your map and it is really very beautiful!
    I found the following problem: when I go to the barn to unload the grass or the hay does not discharge me, there are no loading and unloading areas ….

  5. Stephen Webber says:

    can not download any version of this pissing me off you lot do not put the right links here

  6. Anders says:

    When playing multiplayer, why is it only the person with the first farm that have access to all the factories points?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Super Karte spiele schon lange auf der Porta nur funzt das speiseöl abholen auf der neuen version 3 leider nicht somit die fabriken die es benötigen leider auch nicht.HILFEEEEEEEEE BITTE

  8. Anonimo says:

    ho problemi a fare la farina come mai ?
    non mi fa scaricare niente nemmeno frumento orzo e avena

  9. Claudio says:

    I have a trouble with grass.
    Simply i cannot cut or interact with it.
    Any idea how to solve the problem ?
    I tried in several field and with several lawn cutting tools.
    Thank you for any help

  10. sosacek says:

    Nicely done map. Good work. But … grain can’t be unloaded at the mill. The product cannot be loaded in the alcohol distillery. + other bugs. Will a corrected new version of the map be released?

  11. bart says:

    I played the map once and i want to play it another time but it keep loading

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