Hello, I have to present Map Polska Krajna Final, known to the majority, in which many things have been changed, namely:

– Ability to Build Gopsodry Placeable
– Placeable buildings (No stables for Polish animals available for download on ModHub)
– Shop for buying / repairing machines
– Small machine refueling station
– Renovated all places of purchase, incl.
– 2 Crop Purchases
– Sawmill
– Biogas plant
– Sale / purchase of animals plus sale of wool
– Dairy
– Sale of bales
– Added Lime Plants
– Added 7 new crops (Alfalfa, Clover, Rye, Triticale, Millet, Carrot, Onion) “Multifruits needed for digging carrot onion”
– Pedestrian Movement has been added
– Removed cotton from the map and in the Purchases
– Additional egg sales point at one of the purchasing centers
– An additional place to buy seeds and fertilizers has been added at one of the stores
– Car traffic
– Machines to start
– Months intended for filling water (4 filling points)
– Changed crop textures and map substrate
– Map adapted to Mod Season (strawHarverst compatible map)
– Clear PDA
– 103 Fields on the map
– Clean LOG!
– And many others that I probably forgot


zielak04, VenTuriO

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