Welcome to the new version of the map Osiek, the gameplay and mechanics of the map has not changed.

In easy mode at the start we have the largest field which can be sold for 2700000 and the cash can be used to buy one of the seven farms on the map and the machinery you need. We have five complete farms, one large pig farm which we can turn into a breeding farm and in Osiek we can buy garage and warehouse space for an agricultural service company for those who like contracts and do not necessarily have to have a farm. Silage and storage silos accept all crops found on the map.

The map can be used to cultivate the land from all angles (multi terrain), the map also includes a stubble and grass levelling script.
The map is compatible with modifications:
– Precision Farming
– Seasons 19 by Realismus Modding
– HorseExtension by the Farming Agency
– Strawharvest Addon by Creative Mesh
– AnimalPenExtension by GtX
– Manure system by Wopster
-(AnimalFix, I3DLoadingFix, l10nfix, SprayerFix, addBalesToWrapper)
Disabled resetting fields after purchase and disabled photo radar. These two options can be enabled by editing (modDesc) the maps.
The map also includes objects from Bernie scs. from the Hinterkaifeck map.

-Map x4 multifruit
-Rye, Triticale, Spelt, Millet, Onion, Carrot, Alfalfa, Clover, Field Grass, Pasture Grass, Horse Grass, Miscanthus (Energy Grass).
-All basic game features of FS19
-Machinery needed to harvest new crops included in the map
-Lowland and hilly terrain
-Supply facilities to accommodate many additional productions from other modifications
-No starter farm, you start with nothing but you choose how much cash you want to start with by difficulty level. Now the easy level seems extremely difficult.
-Must build your own farm
-Good paying transport missions
-Size of farmland from 1ha to 60ha
-Many places for your own facilities and buildings
-Required GlobalCompany mod
There are a lot of poplar trees on the map if you are playing with Season Mod then I recommend downloading the new version plus poplar at this link. This is a standard season mod from Realismus Modding, Schwaben Modding but has a poplar tree added which improves the visual effect.



The map was made on the basis of the map Eiersholt so thanks to the creator of this map which I appreciate very much.
A big thanks to the modding community for developing Farm Symulator game and thanks to the people testing the map in particular :
LLL, Adam, GR KOCZE, Despes.

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4 Responses

  1. schmitz olaf says:

    Map nicht spiel muss noch mal durchgesehen werden , sleep time nicht kauf bar zeigt an zuviele teil verkaufen obwohl nicht da , wenn mannzurück geht landet mal grundsätzlich auf feld 20

    fehler beheben eineige schmeißt auch lua fehler und andere auch ohne mods

  2. FarmerDan says:

    Excellent map guys i wish you much success and many downloads I have been playing it for a few hours now and I love it the only suggestion i have is make the signs abit easier to read

  3. Anonymous says:

    It says based on Eiersholt, that’s not true. This map is taken from German Town from fs 17, I know because the map was tested extensively by me. That map was inspired by the original map which was MIG Map Region Celle by Bullgore. Eiersholt was built on the Lösshügelland map of Fs 15 and 17.

  4. Gggggf says:

    А карта совместимая с Courseplay?

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