Old Timers farm v 1.0


Ok guys, here is my Old Timers 4x map. I would like to thank Mike Grainger for sorting out map errors along with Papa smurf. Ken from Iconik Upgrades for his signs and flag design. BernieSCS for his MW Hof pack USA edition pack. James Darrell Watkins and testers of the map. This map is intended for all sorts of players. it has small fields as well as large ones. Some can be joined up. I have included all my multi-fruits into it along with corn and soybean textures (credits to NEFG Modding for the textures), Please download Papa smurfs compost orduction on his link below and his multi fruit harvester for root crop if you dont already have one.( You will have to join his website to down load but uts safe).

Thanks to all who took part in helping me get this checked and tested. You use the manure trailer spreader on your fields. The only thing is you cannot have settings where AI helper buys as it spreads on field. It will only work with AI helper as you use it.I added farm silo into the map so no need to unzip any files as this has compost added to it as well. hope you enjoy it. Big thank you to Papa smurfs Compost mod.


Giants, Cazz64

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11 Responses

  1. Shanthez says:

    Just hope it would work with season mod

  2. Hottie says:

    Hi Cazz 64,
    geniale Map . Danke dafür,es macht mir sehr viel Spass auf der Map zu spielen.
    Ich hätte jedoch eine sehr grosse _BITTE_
    Kannst DU die Map auch Global Company ready machen und eventuell ein grosses Logistikcenter mit einbauen ????
    Das wäre grosse Klasse wenn es klappen könnte.
    Nochmals Danke Danke Danke….

  3. KrystialKitten says:

    Hi Cazz64,
    Love the map..the removal of the trees was a great change so thank you for that. My friend and I are having a pretty big problem with the map though. Currently, we’ve found 2 major issues with it, first one being, you cannot buy some animals from the Animal Dealer in the top left of the map. You cannot transfer them to an animal trailer to avoid the transport fee. *note: We tried both a modded and base game animal trailer of different sizes and neither worked. We were trying to buy cows (Black and White)* Also, we’ve found that it is impossible to Tedder grass on fields when traveling South and West. Tedder works fine when traveling North and East. If you could try and fix these asap, would be great as we love the map. Thanks.

  4. GauchoDoSul says:

    Hello Cass64
    I love this map. Great the reduction of trees, improved the game a lot.
    I have a problem, when I mount the horse the screen goes black and the game crashes.
    Could you check ??

  5. MARTO says:


  6. SL says:

    Same problem – black screen when mounting horse – Tedder issues with grass

  7. Mark says:

    Good map but once you get a decent size farm going the FPS is terrible. I see others have said to chop down trees, looks like I’ll be busy for awhile.

  8. Niccm3 says:

    Same issues with mounting horses and screen goes BLACK! Please update this !

  9. Frank says:

    Thanks, great map. Like it a lot, but could you tell me where to go to change the grass texture for the hay field. It has the plain grass and I like to use the one with white and yellow flowers in it. Just looks better to me. Thanks

  10. Dave H says:

    I have been playing this map for a very long time. I haven’t found a single other map that offers more. There is something however that is strange. When standing on Field 16 near the farm, I hear sounds of fans and machinery. As well as running water/waterfall in the middle of Field 1. Although these are minor things, it is funny. I guess sound triggers where places incorrectly.

  11. DZ says:

    There are no points of sale on the map

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