This is my edit of Old Country Life by Cazz. I do have permision to post my edit of this wonderful map created by Cazz and company. They did an amazing job on it but i thought the swamp area was a bit bland so i added a completley revised swamp area complete with dead wood and birch. I also added my big trees to the map as well. Other than the new swamp area i added trees to the already impresive forest areas. I added big and small birch as well as big pine, spruce and dead wood. I also put a small plantation of big pine on the map. Other than that, i changed nothing else. The map is a 4 fold map and has all of the FS 19 standerd crops plus a lot more. It has custom animal areas that are open range instead of those small pens from Giants. It also comes with custom placsables built right into the map and also takes advantage of the animal pen extention mod. These guys did a great job on this map and im glad i have the opertunity to share my edit of it with all of you. I hope you enjoy this map as much as i do. You will need a modded harvester to cut the big trees or just use a chainsaw. I posted an edit of the JD 1470 harvester that can be found on this site and most other sites as well. I want to thank Cazz for letting me post this edit of his fine map.


Shane Cazz Taylor/ACME ACRES

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  1. OH says:

    this is the best map ever

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