Mercury Farms v

Mercury Farms v

Mercury Farms with 60 fields.
You can cut down any or all hedges and barbed wire fences with a chainsaw on any land you own. This will give you room to merge and reshape all of your fields to the way you prefer.
Mercury Farms has many built in custom placeables, giving you the option to place and move farm houses, Silos, animals and vehicle shelters to build your own farms exactly how you like.



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zip FS19_mercuryFarms131 MB

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5 Responses

  1. peter10857 says:

    very nice map, no errors, very good for 3 people play – good job done

  2. Ben says:

    wie bekomme ich das Holz von den Feldern wenn ich die Zäune einreisse(motorsäge sägen)

  3. Руслан says:

    очень крутая карта

  4. bart says:

    great map ever

  5. Willem says:

    Great map!
    love playing it.

    one question: when wil it be season ready?

    Keep up the good work Alien Jim

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