First of all I want to thank all of people in my discord and in the Unity discord for helping me find and fix errors, with a special thank you to Diniz Farms – Farming Simulator Modding and Multiplayer, who will be releasing an edit of this map in the future with all new features (please do not bother him, he will release on his own time).

Secondly, I want to apologize for not being able to continue working on this map, adding more to it, and finally optimizing the file size. Life is simply taking over and I can’t devote much more time to it. I hope you enjoy the work I have put into the map and continue watching for hotfixes and updates in the future!

Some things to note: 1) There are a few warnings in the log that I was not able to resolve, these should not affect your gameplay performance significantly. 2) There is a heifer shed on the farm up by the town, you cannot get milk out of this cow pen! 3) There is a place to purchase feed in the top right corner for those of you starting out on seasons. 4) This map does NOT have anhydrous yet, I was rushed for time and didn’t add it in. 5) There are trigger pictures in the folder I provided, please consult those (unzip the initial download file). 6) If you run into any issues, please exercise some due diligence and see if it is a mod conflict before coming to me. While I appreciate your feedback and am more than willing to solve a problem, many of these issues can be resolved on your end. I’m hoping this will cut the number of messages I get a day in half.


MRG Mapping

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    1 thing i noticed that when you are merging fields you can’t buy the land in between

  2. 오망 says:

    다운로드 된는데 파밍 시뮬레이터 19 들려가면 안갈려 있습니다 어떻게 해야 된나요

  3. Anonymous says:

    IS THIS A GOOD MAP! pls abswer

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why not download it and try it for yourself?

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