I present you the Berjafel map, of a real area of ​​central Spain.



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3 Responses

  1. farmer bob says:

    your map is no good ‘ I mean who has nearly an entire forest in what should be a field ??????? have you ever thought it would be more trouble trying to harvest around the trees , I think you need to go back to the drawing board ………………………………………. basically the map is shit of the highest quality

  2. Farmer69 says:

    it ain’t shit, map is really good. REALLY GOOD. It is also true that trees are to near from the field and when doing the headland i sometime have some problems but pda is awesome and the roads. ¡Buen trabajo Miguel!

  3. ivantamayo says:

    A mi me da fallo con los puntos de venta….. No me aparecen en la pda, la primera vez que cargo el mapa aparece la zona de descarga en la cooperativa y en los silos, pero no me deja descargar y cuando guardo y vuelvo a entrar ya no me aparecen ni las parrilas para descargar….

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