La Digue Mining and Construction Map EDIT Beta

La Digue Mining and Construction Map EDIT Beta

Since the Orgianl Map is not developed further I do it now!
On this map you can “Build” and “Mine” (Beta)!
There will always be updates!

Coming soon:
New raw materials
More functions
Extraction of raw materials through new machines (Gold Waschanlage!)
Stone Crusher (produces StonePowder)


Loyalathletics, Agrifredo

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7 Responses

  1. ted says:

    Why cant i get this map to load, when i open it it starts then shuts down the hole game, any thing i need to know??

  2. Holger says:

    Funktioniert bei mir auch nicht. Schade…

  3. donovan postoak says:

    how do i get it downloaded to my game

  4. Blulu says:

    This map is not good. I tought it was a mining and construction map. there is ONLY ONE MINING PLACE. i would NOT recommend this map!

  5. SimDala says:

    This map is not working. Errors says that something is comparing a number with nil.

    Why upload something that’s not working?

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