Welcome to La Coronella. This map is a product of the imagination, nothing you find in it is based on a specific place. I hope you enjoy the map and its features.
In La Coronella you will find 2 Predefined Farms, in which you can store all kinds of products, both in silos and bunkers. In both cases, in order to use the silos, you must own the land where they are located, in case of selling said land you cannot use said storage silos.
Enjoy the 2 Biogas plants distributed by the map, 1 Compost Plant, which is obtained from Wood Shavings, Sugar Cane, Straw or Manure, and several forest areas for forestry.
When selling your products you will have to choose from a large number of agricultural stations, some of them for specific products. You will also find silos for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, etc. Do not forget that these places will have opening and closing hours, as well as the agricultural shop.
As for the animals, you should take a walk on the map and locate the different stables distributed on the map, in order to use them you must own the land where they are located. Buy and sell the different animals in specific places on the map.
You could not miss the transport missions, where you will find several custom.
Finally, enjoy a beautiful landscape, with varied decoration and different animations.
In this version compatible with the mod of the Seasons.
This version, compared to the normal version, only has 2 new crops, Millet and Sorghum, in addition to the Compost. In this version we will not be able to enjoy the productions of Cheese, Sunflower Oil and Flour,
since these work with the animal system and create problems with the mod of the seasons.

Required Mods:
Def Pack (By: sperrgebiet)
Seasons (By: Realismus Modding)


ShabaFS, Toymatao

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11 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Mark says:

    Overall I love the map and the scenery. But I’m trying to figure out how to get the default chicken coop to work. I can buy chickens for it, but I can’t put any wheat in the bins. Do they need another kind of food? Can’t find any information on this.

  3. Sarah says:

    Where do I sell raw lumber distribution center?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the map, but the gates and objects beside the roads are too close for the larger equipment to clear it leading to lots of frustration. Most people seem to be complaining about the gates being closed during a certain time frame. If the sign was slightly larger on the gate I don’t think that would be an issue as I didn’t understand that either until I found the sign. My biggest complaint is not being able to use the largest implements as you can’t even leave the store with them or have any access to a road that you could take them down if you did get it out.

  5. angry bob says:

    i cant open the godamn gate either

  6. Anonymous says:

    How do I open the gate at the store??

  7. Anonymous says:

    un asco de mapa , lleno de alambradas , espacios pequeños rutas pequeñas y lleno de bug

  8. FarmWrangler says:

    B.O.B. Lookaround – La Coronella – Farming Simulator 19 –

  9. Doggo says:

    pls can you make a italian map?

  10. Maxxy says:

    Great map!! 100% recommended

    I really hope they fix the vehicle spawn at the store/shop.
    When you buy a tractor/trailer, it is facing the wrong way.

    Keep up the good work!

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