Hunter Farm v 1.3

Hunter Farm v 1.1

Hunter Farm 1.3S is complete and ready to play!

The map has been updated for Seasons and has several added features like hemp, hops, and alfalfa in the map.

There are new sell points, some changes to the fields and farms, and a ton of bug fixes in this version.
This is by far, the best version of this map that I have yet produced! Download it and check it out if you like.

The Alfalfa is baleable and can be put in the bunkers at the BGA if you want to use it as chaff. The sell points now include a place to sell loose hemp at a very good price and a brewery that will accept your hops!

Season snow masking is complete and the map performs well with the Seasons mod!


Chris Kimball/Funny Farm Gaming

Download mod

FileFile size
zip HunterFarm1_3S_Final_UNZIPME659 MB

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3 Responses

  1. darkdaz says:

    hey my friend, i found a random water pond placement at the side of field 7, right hand side, heres a screenshot

  2. PlasmaRaven says:

    can you guys fix the mini map it looks so horrible i don’t know why everybody is doing that with there maps know

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