Welcome to the small hamlet of Honville, located on a cereal basin in central France, Honville offers 59 fields ranging from 0.5ha to 20ha.
It offers 2 farms (an old site in the village with silo storage then a recent site on the outskirts of anaerobic digestion with flat storage)
as well as 2 smaller annexes (one future breeding site and the other with only one hangar), anaerobic digestion and 2 sales sites.
The card currently does not include animals that will be arriving in future versions.
The map is still in creation, it remains to optimize it and the installation of the animals.
It does not include any malfunction just a few lines on texture formats can optimize.
If you notice any issues, first make sure it’s not a mod conflict and then get back to me if the issue persists.



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2 Responses

  1. petete6666 says:

    BIO-ENERGIE: the bunker-silo, it is not possible to compact all the fine straw. the farm silo does not accept the products: potatoes, sugar beets, millet and seige. Sorry for my English, I use a translator

  2. Oatmeal2022 says:

    One of the best maps I´ve ever seen, but it has some mistakes which could be solved.
    It would be great to have a cows barn in the map…

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