Welcome to the Talbauer farm!

Michel and his wife Anna took over his grandfather’s farm. This is nothing new for Michel, as he spent his entire life on the farm. In addition, Michel has successfully completed education as a farmer, which at least on paper certifies his ability … but no education teaches as much as life: By growing up in a cross-generational company, by observing his grandfather’s hands and By imitating his role model, Michel matured into a real farmer at an early stage.

And the professional school? It was good for at least one thing … for the love! Michel met and fell in love with his current wife Anna there … and now the two young farmers run a farm with 10 dairy cows, 5 chickens, 1 rooster, 10 hectares of arable land and 9 hectares of grassland. It is a very well-run business that is constantly being modernized and mechanically upgraded … and plans for the future have already been forged: the business is to be acquired through the acquisition of more arable land (13 ha) and meadows (4 ha) as well as increasing the number of dairy cattle can be enlarged significantly.

In addition to his visions for the future, Michel does not forget his roots either: a 45-year-old Fiat 1300 DT rests in the old parking space behind the courtyard. This tractor was the pride of his grandfather and that’s why Michael decided to repair, clean and paint this tractor and keep the Fiat 1300 DT at the farm forever … out of appreciation for the man who taught Michel everything, what he knows today about agriculture and life … and when Michel takes the old Fiat out of the barn and steers it over the long bumpy dirt roads … then he will hear his grandfather’s voice: ‘can you feel it? THAT’S FREEDOM!’

And now it’s up to you, slip into the roles of Anna and Michel and continue the story of the Talbauer farm!

What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!

Required Mods:
Small Bunker Silo Set (By: Kamilos0397)
German Cow Barn (By: MoosAgrar)
Farmhouse (By: DieselHirsch)
Timbered Farmpack (By: RitchiF)



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7 Responses

  1. loulou says:

    j ai la même chose et grrrrr dommage la carte est superbe

  2. loulou says:

    pourquoi je ne peux pas sauvegarder le jeu quand je joue ?

  3. Ein TALBAUER Fan says:

    I love this map, the size of the map is ideal. Some things could be improved. Thanks to the author and I hope for a V3.

  4. Mike Carroll says:

    Amend..Line…..I also round by lake line should read…When round by lake using Case Puma 275HP with baler…baler pushed tractor…..

  5. Mike Carroll says:

    Grandad525 Xbox One S………….Dear Modder. Please note. My comments are in no way intended to be offensive nor a criticism. im just reporting these defects as they have arisen. you guys as far as I am concerned are magicians and do wonderful things to make the game interesting…So..Ill continue thus…. In New Farmer mode .A truly great little map which I found recently on mod hub. Very surprised to find it was a complete ready made farm with more machinery than you normally get plus chicks and cows. First off i sold the Forest area and bought a grass field below 2 and 1 and I later bought grass field next to lake but sold the one with the church . Not all was as good as it looked. Wishing to merge 1 and 2 with G to make one big field one tree would not cut down. Not with Chainsaw or Unreal Forest muncher yet all silver birch and similar trees went.. As implements were catching on most silver birch on the fields I took them all out but those horrible bent trees refuse to go. Needing money quick I later bought back a forest area the triangle above the church. The tree would not fall in direction of cut they fell all over the place or spun away into the air and landed in the forest. Some trees became ghosts and chainsaw and tractor passed through them. I tried taking out stumps and complete trees with the Forest Muncher AND the Liebherr tracked loader and muncher attachment. The trees spun away or fell over but did not disappear as for other maps. I gave up in the end in frustration. im sure its a glitch that can be fixed. I also not round by the lake even when using a 275HP Case Puma the bailer starts to push the tractor!!!! this could happen with the Fiat 1300 but not a big Case..Maybe a small glitch. AIs/workers may be ‘friendly’ but not very intelligent :0) They tend to stop halfway or miss vast areas. Doing a headland first as a barrier means nothing to the AI they just go over what you did and get hung up in trees..which i have now removed to stop that….I hope this is helpful. Peace and Gravy..Mike Carroll

  6. Poncho says:

    Proof that a map does not have to be so big in order to be so good – the attention to detail and the excellent field design makes this a top choice for casual or small farming. Well done!

  7. gg says:

    why i can’t save game when i played? the second map when i can do it. first is the kleines land

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