Goliszew v 1.0

Log clear without errors, there are a few warnings about mods on the map.
What’s changed?
-Four seasons of the year
-cool terrain
-additional crops, rye, sorghum, clover, alfalfa, triticale, spelt, onion, carrot, fodder grass (sudan Grass)
-Cotton and sugar cane are not grown here
-alfalfa, clover, sudangrass it is worth to sow these plants because although they are for only one harvest they give a high yield of green mass and hay.
-102 lands to be bought, each separately
-84 configurable fields
-part of the buried ditches (for that we have a tool in the game to modify the terrain) some people forget.
-Five playable farms (full animation after land purchase)
-Initial farmstead, you’ll sell almost anything. There’ll be cash for whatever you want.
-pig, sheep and cow rearing in addition to separate purchases.
-You can make fun of the farm 3 henhouses (each with 400 hens).
-A lot of meadows to start with, you can accumulate a lot of fodder for winter.
-road and pedestrian traffic
-six wooded sites for lumberjacks
-Many mods in the map (buildings) 3 large mod-packs is a large choice for building your own farm
That’s why the map weighs 1. 6 GB.
-A varied dietary menu for pets (real feeds we use)
-farms unblocked only after purchase.
-sixteen points of sale, different products.
-Unfortunately, the fashion “Season”; thwarted the cultivation plans on the map a bit, it’s about the harvest of clover and alfalfa.
For this time, while mowing with mowers we will get green grass and hay, but in large quantities, so it is worth sowing.
These are all-seasonal crops, but thanks to the “season”; we collect them only once and that is why we have more of this feed.
-When harvesting clover and alfalfa with chaff cutters, we get chaff (chaff) green fodder for fresh feeding and silage, also in larger quantities.
-Sorghum seed as fodder, and chaff (green fodder)
-Modes: animalsClean,FS19PlaceAnywhe,FS19_animalLimitIncreaser,Added to the Map .
I guess that’s it. I wish you all a great time on the map. If you find any luminescent trees or playable errors, let us know.


Yazu. The objects on the map come from maps:Felsbrunn,Hopfach,Niderbayern,Clover Creek,Belgique,Sued_ThueringenFS17,Suedhemmern_ls19,New_city.
The map is based on the map FS17_Sibbershusum, mainly land and fields.

Download mod [ShareMods]

Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_Goliszew1 GB

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14 Responses

  1. alex says:

    a quand le multi

  2. minka2 says:

    not working…why?

  3. Dominator says:

    this is a realy good map!

  4. i like Xtentacion says:

    There 1 gb but in download saw 1,5 gb

  5. Nicki says:

    Hi. I have just downloaded this map and can’t get it to work with Seasons!! is there a fix for this. I have tried to run it with just seasons and no other mods, still not working!!

  6. Will fisher says:

    Having the same problem map and game crashes says too many fruits on the ground cant run seasons

  7. Anonymous says:

    no multifruits! Why??

  8. Carloskarjanevert says:

    In multiplayer, i can’t use silo in farm 3.
    I have monymod from mods in the game installd thats all.
    I own the land.

  9. anonymous says:

    what the shernanigans has gone on there, the map looks likes it been done by a child, to many and so weird , and so not recommended, the whole map nah nah nah sorry cant recommend it, total rubbish map

  10. Roger Wolski says:

    część skupów wogóle nie wyświetla m.in “agravis” oraz część skupów nie ma trigerów do sprzedaży np: przędzalnia koło tartaku

  11. Dejwid0223 says:

    Pobrałem mapę i nie widze jej w grze wcale, ktoś powie dlaczego?

  12. Emras says:

    I have a problem planting trees on the map. It doesn’t matter if I can plant them anywhere in my own fields or on the grass. What’s the problem?

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