FS19 YourFarm v2.0 fina

FS19 YourFarm v1.0

FS19_YourFarm. A well-known map of Felsbrunn, redesigned and altered.
All shrubs and bushes lose their leaves in the winter and the leaves in the autumn turn beautifully discoloured.
Grasses and plants in winter are reduced considerably.
With frosts above -5 degrees Celsius, water on ponds and the river freezes.
Lots of woods for lumberjacks.
In the winter you make a cut and in the spring you connect the fields.
-64 configured crop fields.
-100 Lands to buy separately.
-hens farm, pasture for sheep, horse breeding, as additional farms to buy. (Additional functional farms after land purchase. )
-additional crops, rye, poppy, alfalfa, millet, spelt.
Lucerne as feed and hay.
On an easy level, you can sell all objects on the starter farm,
a map aimed at producing animal feed so that it does not run out for long autumn and winter days.



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5 Responses

  1. Gorn says:

    Es gibt eine Version V. 1. 0. 1 mit reparierten Verkaufsstellen und zusätzlichen Früchten. gute Karte

  2. bk5 says:

    This map don`t work in multyplayer (dedicetet server)

  3. SamuGTX says:

    alfalfa can’t be turn in hay

  4. Русский says:

    А тигеры продаж на точках продаж поправили, а то они не на своих местах были

  5. Maraudeur says:

    Liste des Bugs au fil de l’eau Bug 1 -> les vaches dans l’enclos ne salissent pas donc pas de nettoyage Bug 2 -> je n’ai pas le mode saison et cela fait 3 jours que j’attend que mon soja soit mûr et en croissance rapide en plus. Bug 3 -> Bug sur les cochons pas de nettoyage puisque pas de salissure, problème avec la nourriture pour cochons qui reste a zéro. Bug 4 -> les 2 pompes a gas-oil a la ferme ne fonctionnent pas

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