Felsbrunn Edit By MC

Hereby I put my converted Felsbrunn all available. The farm I put on another terrain
and the stables of the animals are also housed at the farm. Also, I have some small things built in
which you have to explore yourself. The launch vehicles and takeoff fields are also changed. I hope you
like my processed Felsbrunn.Einige open spaces are also available.
I have done my best and the log is up on the bush01 which is a bug from Giants error-free
I do not exclude errors that were not obvious to me. If someone finds fault, please let me know.
I will try to change that.

The PDAMap is drawn by hand because I still can not
was the usual way as from the LS17 which is to find according to instructions from the network to create.
I ask for indulgence.



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28 Responses

  1. DEDE says:

    On host working ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Multiplayer supported?

  3. Anonymous says:

    guten tag,
    kann es sein das einige produktionen kein produkte angezeigt werden weil ich beim sägewerk keine leerpaletten und co sehen

  4. ZE says:

    how to change language to english on this map?

  5. Anonymous says:

    how do I fill the water in the greenhouses !!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    greenhouses do not work, tanks with diesel also when they are corrected! maybe I am doing something wrong, waiting for an answer. Regards

  7. Javisa españa says:

    Los invernaderos de tomate no funcionan pq falta tierra, un ingrediente q no existe en el mapa o no hay forma de conseguir

  8. bart says:

    a very nice map for playing

  9. fabrice says:

    une map que j’adore mais avec la v.6 je ne peut pas vendre la ferme ni les panneaux dans la cour .

  10. Anonymous says:

    auf der strasse feld 10 nähe kreuzung liegt ein unsichtbares ogbjrkt und blockiert die strasse

  11. Александр says:

    сто раз исправляете,так толком ни чего и не исправляете,вы лог то смотрите или понятия не имеете что это такое))

  12. Mario says:

    please put the translation into spanish

  13. Francesco says:

    Nei recinti degli animali, quando compro le mucche non mi compaiano ne le mucche è ne le pecore e ne le galline, poi per tutto il resto non lo so ma credo che non funziona nulla in questa mappa, ho provato pure a lavare le patate ma niente non mi prende ne l’acqua e ne le patate SPERO che tu risolva il problema perchè e una mappa bellissima con tante aziende

  14. Mario says:

    Lenguaje spain please

  15. Javi says:

    Por qué no me guarda la partida de

  16. Aljaž says:

    Kdo hoče igrati prosim povejte do 1.januarja obvezno morete znati slovensko in zraven napišite svoje ime da vas dodam v diskkord in da bomo igrali lahko vsi skupaj. HVALA ZA RAZUMEVANJE IN UPAM DA NAS BO IGRALO ČIM VEČ.

  17. kristeo says:

    meat factory don’t make pallet, sawmill don’t make pallet, after every restart everything is off and setup on default , lots of errors …

  18. Anonymous says:

    de ce nu apar animalele cand le cumpar?

  19. Anonymous says:

    La segheria non funziona! Non si vedono i prodotti!

  20. bart says:

    it keeps saving

  21. iulian says:

    Hallo! Es scheint, dass die Kartoffelwaschmaschine bei mir nicht funktioniert und was auch immer ich neu platziere, gibt mir einen Fehler! Tiermischer nach dem Befüllen, wenn Sie sich abmelden und eingeben und alle Fortschritte verlieren, auch wenn Sie gespeichert haben. Die Waschstation funktioniert nicht … ich kann nicht damit interagieren

  22. iulian says:

    Hello! it seems that the potato washing machine doesn’t work for me and whatever I place new gives me an error! animal mixers after filling if you log out and enter and lose all progress even if you saved. the washing station doesn’t work … i can’t interact with it

  23. Paul says:

    I can’t spawn pallets!I have Load Vehicle error please help me!

  24. Whitey says:

    hey, i’m having a problem where i get stuck trying to save the game, the game just won’t save. reading the comments i see other people are having the same issue. i tried different versions and the issue persists. is there something you can do about it or know a fix? seeing this map, playing vanilla felsbrunn is just disappointing, this mod adds so much.

    2021-06-17 23:39 Error: Running LUA method ‘onSaveStartComplete’.
    2021-06-17 23:39 dataS/scripts/placeables/Placeable.lua(998) : bad argument #2 to ‘format’ (number expected, got nil)

    this is the error in the log, maybe it can give you more info on what might be causing the issue. hope it get’s fixed soon 🙂

  25. Chris61268 says:

    Wrum kann ich bei der Kartoffelproduktion keine Kartoffeln abladen? Muss ich zuerst die Paletten liefern?

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