Dolnoslaska v 1.0

Dolnoslaska v 1.0

Great Polish map with FS-17, the author is AGROPiotrmosz. Slightly changed under FarmSymulator19, Small fields small farms a unique climate. at this moment offers everything you can find in the FS19.
The starting point is the old machines, which makes the map more exciting. You can sell everything to start your career your own way.
The map has a clean log with no errors.


AGROPiotrmosz. Converting by anonymus

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3 Responses

  1. Kent Sørensen says:

    there must look at the fields. Because when you put a worker to do something, he cannot complete his job.

  2. Anonymous says:

    los trabajadores trabajan malo, no sigue la forma del campo ,hacen lo que quieren

  3. FuRY says:

    Doors and Gates wont open but its great map

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