The Valley is a fictional map for small and medium-sized machines. (30KM-100KM).

The map has 3 playable farms available for multi players, only one farm is playable for a single, or if you want, you can change it in the defaultitems.xml file, for this you need to find the links respectively Farm 1 or 2 and change farmId = “2 ″ / ”3 ″ na farmId =” 1 ″ which will assign buildings directly to player 1.

I will winter the map 400mb due to the fact that I have put a dozen plaecable buildings into the map, which I have edited myself, so that each animal building is supported by ManureSystem, has a full Polish translation, the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees and to save you trouble.

The map includes:
– BIN grain purchase,
– Dairies.
– BGA with ManureSystem support.
– Possibility to sell bales and manure.
– Eggs are sold behind the house of a machine dealer, the wife buys for her husband :-D.
– Support for seasons as far as foliage is concerned, only bushes change, I didn’t want to play with decoFoliage anymore, while placeable buildings all objects support snow on roofs, etc., as in FS 22.
– Hilly terrain for the REA mode, I recommend having a tractor with a 4 × 4 drive.
– Clean LOG errors were made on the current one, if you have anything wrong, check your mods.
– No 360 textures because the fields are rectangular and at an angle of 90, 180 degrees, so I thought that uploading 360 textures is unnecessary. Upload yourself on YT there are guides. 😀

The map was created for FS 19 due to the fact that I play this version of the game myself, so far it suits me, and since there was nothing interesting about mods, I decided to create a map myself, it took me 3 weeks, 3-4 hours a day usually after work.

That’s probably as much for the map. Take it and play it, everyone, it’s perfect for weak computers, I have a constant 120fps on the MAX settings, it’s also probably good.
Don’t get mad at me about PDAs, I did the best I could. Also on this HAPPY DAY.
And the shop icon on the map is in the wrong place, I tried to fix it in various ways, but it’s too much for me.



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