This is version 8 of canadian production map. Animals were added to the map, also compost, pigfood, cowfood, grassdryer and fermeting silo mods. They are not global mods so you have to fill them manually and display are slower too. There are quite a few mods and they are required to have all vehicules at start.

Corrections: I modified the sheep husbandry by moving the ramps further back to allow pallets inside to be removed. The pallet collection was moved outside the building. A new navmesh was created. Also the t-440 headers speed was increased to 20km and fill capacity of t-440 to 100k, unloading speed was also increased. Wilson SuperB trailer can collect potato and sugarbeet now.

No need to start a new map, many mods were modified again so overwrite them if newer.



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12 Responses

  1. William Stoldt says:

    are u wanting bugs reported?

  2. alain0306 says:

    Your map is fine, but Field 33 is partly underwater to the southeast!

  3. Mikel says:

    warum geht autodrive nicht es speichert nicht dererstellte kurs wird nicht

  4. bluefleet says:

    the map is nice in all but for some reason

  5. tokebac says:

    i unpack the folder, reinstall the mods 2 times but won’t show in game. my log.txt say that the name can’t start with number, but it doesnt. i changed the name but dont work . someone know how?

  6. Sämi says:

    bei mir stürzt das spiel immer ab

  7. vidokone says:

    The best map all i wanted. PhankSO

  8. Saken says:

    Is there a local Animal Dealer to purchase from? Would be nice to be able to raise them… 🙂

  9. David W Spinner says:

    Saw a tree not season ready. Is this a minor bug or are we not seasons ready for the whole map?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This game works fine for me. Except for a few things.
    A lot of mods will not work with the game.
    No way to get to field 45.
    47 is a huge field but produces very little.
    Fertilized 100 percent.
    Will lose money on it.
    All fields are like that.
    Tried using the increase field yield mod.
    But that will not work either.
    What’s the point of this map?
    You can’t make any money.
    Tell me please?

  11. Nick says:

    Screenshots seem out of date the really small fields are not there anymore maybe update the screenshots

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