Bohemia Country 19 v 1.0.3

The map is built according to its own imagination and there is nothing according to the model. The author is Copper. The map size is 4: 1, so quite large. The fields are small and large, the same applies to meadows. All models used in the map are free to download on the Internet and I do not own one of them. Thanks to all testers who were looking for errors on the map. I hope you enjoy the map and enjoy it to the full. This is an update to 1.3.0. On the map you will find 52 fields and 12 meadows. The map is very simple, not overcrowded with details.

The map contains:
– 1x buying area
– 1x cowshed
– sheep
– 2x pig
– hens
– mill
– farmhouse
– saw
– buyout of Riela
– ZZN repurchase
– repurchase of eggs
– purchase of bales and straw
– the purchase of animals
– sugar factory
– dairy
– pond
– 3x village
– construction site
– a warehouse for potatoes and beets
– purchase of a land
– lookout tower
– Mud
– New crops of Lucerne, Spelled, Rye, Carrots, Onions and Cabbage



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3 Responses

  1. D.F.Spider says:

    Mapu jsem ještě nezkoušel, ale ve videu máš cedulku “Prodej vlny – Sale waves”. Nechci prudit, ovčí vlna je wool. Sale waves je prodej vln, těch na vodní hladině, zvukových nebo elektromagnetických 😀

    Ale jinak moooc pěkná mapa, podle videa a obrázků, výborná práce, musím testnout.

  2. Forcepalm says:

    great map but i have problems with tedding grass the tedders are not allways working as they should like in the standart maps they are skipping grass if a drive one way and if i drive in the opposite direction it takes it all so something maybe could be fixed there and sorry for my bad english.

  3. Pijussz says:

    The BGA doesnt work

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